Top 10 Twin Breastfeeding Tips

From a Twin Mom and Lactation Consultant! The thought of breastfeeding twins can be overwhelming. It is not the same as breastfeeding a singleton and there are definitely more hurdles you have to jump. But, I’ve made it to the other side and now I know it’s MORE THAN POSSIBLE. When I was pregnant, IContinue reading “Top 10 Twin Breastfeeding Tips”

Don’t have unrealistic expectations of breastfeeding twins!

I was doing a little research on google and came across this image on a parenting site. The topic was about breastfeeding twins and I looked at this and laughed. If a pregnant twin mom or a new twin mom saw this and thought this is how breastfeeding twins would be, she’s likely in forContinue reading “Don’t have unrealistic expectations of breastfeeding twins!”