Skin to Skin:

I bet most of you have heard that skin-to-skin is beneficial, but I find it incredibly fascinating to know why. There has been tons of research done on this (and you know I love my research) so I want to share. The history is so cool. 2 physicians in Colombia in the 1970’s didn’t haveContinue reading “Skin to Skin:”

Breastfeeding Twins through the Years

I am still blown away that we’ve been able to do this. I remember I told myself when I was pregnant with them, if breastfeeding doesn’t work, then it doesn’t work. I am not going to let my mental health suffer over it. I actually think that’s what I tell all expecting parents: “Lower yourContinue reading “Breastfeeding Twins through the Years”

History of the Breast Pump

The history of the breast pump: I don’t think I’ve ever spent so long on a post 😂. Yes, I’m a nerd but I find this so fascinating!! Pumps have come such a long way! Extracting milk has been around since Ancient Greece. Then patents for mechanical breast pumps were being filed in the mid-1800’s.Continue reading “History of the Breast Pump”

What can you do if you have a cold while breastfeeding?

Try Natural Remedies First: Rest (yeah right, if you’re breastfeeding that means you also have a baby to take care of!). Increase fluid intake and stay hydrated. Turn a humidifier on. Take extra Vitamin C (either a supplement or from food sources). Nasal saline spray Steam treatments Essential oils Drinking hot lemonade with honey SaltwaterContinue reading “What can you do if you have a cold while breastfeeding?”

Don’t have unrealistic expectations of breastfeeding twins!

I was doing a little research on google and came across this image on a parenting site. The topic was about breastfeeding twins and I looked at this and laughed. If a pregnant twin mom or a new twin mom saw this and thought this is how breastfeeding twins would be, she’s likely in forContinue reading “Don’t have unrealistic expectations of breastfeeding twins!”

Power Pumping

Power pumping can be very useful for increasing and building a milk supply. The idea is to mimic a baby who is nursing frequently (like during a growth spurt) and/or cluster feeding. Both of these signal mom’s body to produce more milk for her baby. Here is how it works with pumping:⠀Setup like you’re goingContinue reading “Power Pumping”

High Lipase

If you have followed proper guidelines of expressing and storing your breastmilk and your milk smells/tastes soapy, metallic, or sour, you may have high lipase. I did a survey recently and I was so surprised how many moms have high lipase! If you directly latch or feed only freshly pumped breastmilk, you may have highContinue reading “High Lipase”

Let-down Reflex

I find this part of breastfeeding (the anatomy and physiology) incredibly fascinating 🤓. The mechanisms that go into breastfeeding are incredible. The let-down reflex is an integral part but like anything else, there can be issues. Read through this post to learn more about this and possible solutions. Some women feel the let-down reflex andContinue reading “Let-down Reflex”