The Ways Breastmilk Changes:

1. BREASTMILK CHANGES DURING A FEEDING/PUMP SESSION: If you look at the previous picture, the milk on the left is a lot more watery/blue than the milk on the right. In the beginning of a feeding/pump, milk is more watery (foremilk) and towards the end of the feeding, it becomes more fatty (hindmilk). One is not better than the other and bothContinue reading “The Ways Breastmilk Changes:”

Clogged duct vs. Mastitis:

CLOGGED DUCT: ⠀⠀This is very common while breastfeeding and it is important to know the difference between clogged ducts and mastitis.⠀⠀⠀⠀Breasts have a pipe-like system of milk ducts. If a duct gets blocked, milk can have trouble going through and a clog can form. This can cause a lump in your breast and it canContinue reading “Clogged duct vs. Mastitis:”

Skin to Skin:

I bet most of you have heard that skin-to-skin is beneficial, but I find it incredibly fascinating to know why. There has been tons of research done on this (and you know I love my research) so I want to share. The history is so cool. 2 physicians in Colombia in the 1970’s didn’t haveContinue reading “Skin to Skin:”

Breastfeeding Twins through the Years

I am still blown away that we’ve been able to do this. I remember I told myself when I was pregnant with them, if breastfeeding doesn’t work, then it doesn’t work. I am not going to let my mental health suffer over it. I actually think that’s what I tell all expecting parents: “Lower yourContinue reading “Breastfeeding Twins through the Years”

Pregnant with Twins vs. Twin Toddlers

I don’t know what was going through my mind there in that twin maternity pic on the left… It looks blissful though 😂. I probably wasn’t expecting to be holding one of my twins with a broken arm while the other one was dripping snot all over the back of my neck but… ‘tis lifeContinue reading “Pregnant with Twins vs. Twin Toddlers”

Don’t compare yourself

Comparing yourself to some mom influencers on social media will drive you crazy. How they have little enriching games and activities, healthy, all organic meals that their kids actually sit nicely and eat. But it’s not real! And if it is, then your kids are robots 😂. At this moment I am legitimately sitting onContinue reading “Don’t compare yourself”

History of the Breast Pump

The history of the breast pump: I don’t think I’ve ever spent so long on a post 😂. Yes, I’m a nerd but I find this so fascinating!! Pumps have come such a long way! Extracting milk has been around since Ancient Greece. Then patents for mechanical breast pumps were being filed in the mid-1800’s.Continue reading “History of the Breast Pump”

How to Support Someone Through Pregnancy Loss

October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. My first pregnancy (miscarriage) was due October 1st so this is always very timely. And what a way to start out a marriage – infertility (had no idea until we started trying), millions of doctors appointments, shots, IUI’s, and recurrent miscarriages. I do feel compelled to bringContinue reading “How to Support Someone Through Pregnancy Loss”

What can you do if you have a cold while breastfeeding?

Try Natural Remedies First: Rest (yeah right, if you’re breastfeeding that means you also have a baby to take care of!). Increase fluid intake and stay hydrated. Turn a humidifier on. Take extra Vitamin C (either a supplement or from food sources). Nasal saline spray Steam treatments Essential oils Drinking hot lemonade with honey SaltwaterContinue reading “What can you do if you have a cold while breastfeeding?”