Don’t have unrealistic expectations of breastfeeding twins!

I was doing a little research on google and came across this image on a parenting site. The topic was about breastfeeding twins and I looked at this and laughed. If a pregnant twin mom or a new twin mom saw this and thought this is how breastfeeding twins would be, she’s likely in for surprise. I mean I hope that’s her experience but I’m just being honest.

I feel like I have gotten breastfeeding twins down pretty well and not one of these pictures depicts how it actually is. Nursing twins is hard AF. It is not relaxing. Maybe once a month it could possibly be relaxing or if you’re nursing them separately. But don’t let pictures like this fool you!

I try to post as many tips and tricks for breastfeeding twins that I can possibly think of because there are limited resources and support out there. I am here to encourage you that it can be done but in my experience, it usually involves a giant twin nursing pillow, lots of pumping, and is not the zen experience depicted here 😂. But if this is your experience, I absolutely want your autograph!