Running Outside: Safety

Running, particularly running outside, has been my biggest release and passion for the past 20 years. Almost every single day, I come back from a run a better human and mother. It clears my head, it is my therapy.
As women, we are subject to so many things that men don’t have to think twice about. The harassing, the catcalling, the stories of women getting attacked. But last year something happened. I was running in the middle of the day, through a nice neighborhood. I saw a woman jogger being attached by a man. Instinctually, I ran towards them and began to yell and the man ran off. That incident made me question running outside. 
But I won’t let that man take what I love. There are things we can do as women to be safe and still run outside alone. Even if you don’t run, please swipe through the slides; if you’re walking to your car alone, walking down the street alone, etc, these are unfortunately things we have to think about when we are women. 
“Well Becky, why don’t you just run on the treadmill or run in a running group?” Well first of all, I dislike the treadmill and I also dislike running with other people. Second, I am not going to let someone take this from me. So, how do we find that balance as women? How do we keep the amazing independence that we’ve found in running but stay safe at the same time? 

You don’t have to be helpless and frail. Just be smart. Risk aversion is the key to running outside. Risk elimination is impossible as it is with anything you do. Stay safe ladies 🏃‍♀️❤️.