Don’t Compare Yourself

Comparing yourself to some mom influencers on social media will drive you crazy. How they have little enriching games and activities, healthy, all organic meals that their kids actually sit nicely and eat. But it’s not real! And if it is, then your kids are robots 😂.

At this moment I am legitimately sitting on the floor feeding the 3 girls lunch. The twins despise sitting in their chairs for meals and they just straight up won’t eat and then they get HANGRY and it’s just a cycle. So I don’t care anymore. I’ll sit my a$s on the floor and feed them.

Yes you could give me all of the tips I already know about meal time. I had a kid with a feeding aversion, trust me, I’ve read it all, and I just don’t care at this point.

Just know for all of the kids you see nicely sitting in their chairs eating organic beets as you scroll through your news feeds, there are way more moms like me who are feeding their kids like animals 🤷‍♀️. Don’t compare yourself to a snapshot you see and keep doin you.