Diaper Rashes

I don’t think I can get through a shift in the Pediatric Urgent Care without seeing a diaper rash. It is very common and can have many different causes. We have a butt paste here in the children’s hospital that we can prescribe that works like magic. Depending on the cause of your baby’s diaper rash, I wanted to share this little concoction you can make at home. 

FIRST always contact your child’s PCP (Primary Care Provider) before starting any sort of treatment to make sure these ingredients are okay for your child and contact them * especially *if your child has any of the red flags (listed on slide 8). 

SECOND diaper rashes can arise from an array of things (also listed in the slides), so go through each one and check out the prevention slide as well. 

I have seen my fair share of diaper rashes. There are many rashes that one ingredient alone does not help which is why this mixture works so beautifully together. And if it is a fungal rash, Clotrimazole or Nystatin can be added into the mixture. 

I hope everyone found this helpful, diaper rashes are never fun!