Pumping Hacks

All of these hacks are free or nearly free! And they can be lifesavers. Pumping can be stressful, on top of taking care of a baby, so let’s make our lives a little easier. I’ve found all of these to be really helpful. 

I still have all of my pink basins from the hospital when I had all of my kids. I use 2 of them in the kitchen to wash my pump parts and haul clean and dirty parts around the house. It’s important to use a separate basin to wash parts (and not your actual sink) because your sink can harbor harmful bacteria so we want to keep our pump parts separate and wash with a separate basin and separate bottle brush just for pump parts. 

The backpack for my spectra has changed my life LOL. It makes it so I’m able to be mobile and do basically anything I’d otherwise be doing while I pump. Even if you have a pump that has to be plugged in, get a long extension cord and throw your pump in the backpack. Depending on the length of your tubes, you may need to get longer tubes but you hats an easy fix. 

Another huge helpful tip is always keeping rubber bands and breastmilk storage bags in your pumping bag! The amount of times I’ve been at work and forgotten bottles or caps is crazy. Or my pump bra! And since I use my pumping time at work to chart, I need my hands free. So finagling a hands-free pump bra from rubber bands is extremely helpful. 

Hope these were helpful and happy pumping!